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Congratulations! You are now the owner of this handmade plant pot and plant! To ensure your plant stays happy and healthy, be sure to follow the tips below!


Indoor Plant


If your forehead had furrowed in confusion because you don't know if you have an indoor plant, don't worry. All plants should have come with a little tag telling you what it is and how to care for it:

1) Look up more information on your new plant friend online. The more you know the better!

2) Generally speaking put your plant in direct sunlight or in front of/next to a fan/heater/air conditioner. Some plants do like direct sunlight though.


3) When watering (which should be done once a fortnight) be sure not to drown the roots. Do not water if the soil at the top still feels wet. Also, it is worth investing in a spray bottle so you can spray the leaves (this is like giving your plant a hug) and it means you are less likely to drown your plant.

4) If you are worried about watering leaking from the whole at the bottom, be sure to water your plant overnight in a sink and put it back in its spot the following day.


5) If your plant is looking sad (wilting) give it some extra water.


6) If your plant has dead, brown leaves or dead flower heads cut these off and throw them away.

Succulent or Cacti


These are very hardy, easy to look after plants, but that doesn't mean you can neglect them! Your succulent or cacti should come with a tag telling you what it is and what kind of care it needs. These are some other helpful tips to keep your succulent stunning:


1) Your succulent can live inside or outside. If outside, leave the weather to water it (note: in summer you might need to give it a bit of extra water!). And it can go in direct sunlight. If you have a red variety, keep it in sunlight to maintain its redness, otherwise it will grow green.


2) If you keep your succulent inside, put it anywhere; succulents are very hardy plants! Also be mindful when watering that the water will leak from the whole in the bottom, so place a plate underneath or transport outside or to a sink for watering. This whole is there to ensure the plant doesn't get root rot. Water every 10-14 days. Never water when the soil is still wet and its best to use a spray bottle to water. 


3) If your plant has dead, brown leaves cut these off and throw them away.


Fun fact: Some succulents can regenerate from broken off branches, and a little baby succulent growing from the main one is called a pup. If you snap this off and plant it in some soil, it too will grow to be a succulent!

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